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Everyone arrived 8am this morning, bravo! all looking perky, thank you. Also got my food and extras yesterday, thank you again! Gave everyone stuff to try and they love it. I look forward to doing business with you
Lori Domonkos
Birds are in excellent health condition, my black siskin started to sing the very next morning!!! Reps have excellent costumer service and extremely helpful. Will glady recommend to friends and family. Looking forward to do business in the future. Thank you Az Birds!!!! Kerry, Glad to hear your birds are doing good. Thank you for your positive review and for your business!
Purchased two beautiful pairs of African Pied Crows a few months ago. We could not be more pleased! The birds are healthy and amazing in every way. The service at AZ Birds could not have been better. We would recommend you to anyone! THANK YOU!! Dan, Those Crows are amazing. We just sold our last pair and we are gong to miss them. Thank you for your business and the great review!
Dan Heller
We purchased two pairs of African Pied Crows a few months ago. Our birds are healthy and amazing in ever way! Our experience at AZ Birds was wonderful. We would recommend them to anyone!
Dan Heller
I purchased 2 beautiful Strawberry finches from you a year ago. They are still doing very well and I treasure the males sweet song. I only wish I had ordered more because you have been sold out for a long time. Thank you for the two I have! V Thanks for your review. We will certainly let you know if we get anymore of those beautiful Strawberry Finches in!
V Banyash
I have nothing but praise for AZ Birds. their food and supplements are the best. thank you AZ Birds for everything. James Thank you for your review and for your continued business!
james leasure
Nothing but the best
Joseph Lutero
Wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent customer service you provided in keeping an eye on my package. It came yesterday and I and my birds thank you. I would definitely come to you again for my bird needs. Normally I don't have a big rush for my orders. Its just because of the tenting issue which is now in the past. The mailman redelivered the next day so no big deal. I am SO impressed by the way you stayed in touch and I will definitely leave good feedback for you and recommend you to others! You have yourself a great weekend and thank you for being such an excellent seller! Susan Gibson
I wanted to let you know the birds arrived safely. I got them settled in and they are eating and looking great. I am really pleased with the experience of purchasing birds from you.
Colt H.
Our birds arrived today safe & sound. They are beautiful!! Thank you!
C.J. Mitchell

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